m a d e l e i n e   o l t r a

researcher, designer, artist, based in France.


eucalyptus paper series

collection 01


eucalyptus paper 01, 02, 04, 05 eucalyptus bark handmade paper, wax coating,  paper thread.

eucalyptus paper 03  molded handmade paper, shapes have not been taken appart from the sheet yet

eucalyptus paper 06 atelier, paper thread, bark in jar, dyed fabric with eucalyptus fiber and handmade object. 

eucalyptus paper 07 close up from the handmade and molded paper.
paper_process 01,  02 working at the papermill in Pérouges, FR
drawing 01, 02 personal research
bark 00 personal image

Bruno Pasdeloup      paper craftsman

Angéline Behr           photographer

a story of flames

collection 2


raw_wood 01, 02 eucalyptus log wood.

eucalyptus_flame 01 sanded eucalyptus wood plank cut from a log
eucalyptus_flame01 sanded eucalyptus plank

eucalyptus 02, 03 collage created from images of marquetry samples made with eucalyptus

drawing 01, 02, 03 atelier, paper thread, bark in a jar, dyed fabric with eucalyptus fiber and handmade object sample 01, 02 material exploration


Carlos Martim 
ingeneer at SERQ centro de inovação e compétencias da floresta

Vanda Oliveira 
researcher at ISAInstituto Superior de Agronomia de Lisboa

green territories

Collection 3